Package A - $799


Package A is a half day of coverage. It covers both the Bride and Groom separately getting ready, consisting of candid footage and close ups of fancy dress wear. As well as the ceremony in full. 

* All packages come with a video montage 

Package B - $999


Package B offers the same coverage as A but also covers the  photo shoot. This is the time after the ceremony when you head to the destinations you've selected to take your photos. This is where I take many of the beautiful clips you will find in your video montage.

In addition to your photographer getting you to pose, here we also ask for a short session devoted simply to your video.  

Package C - $1299


Package C is a full day of coverage. It begins with the very first preparations of the morning to the final dances that evening. It covers both the Bride and Groom separately getting ready, the ceremony, the photo shoot, and lastly the reception, and final celebrations of the evening. 

The reception and celebration coverage will feature your cake, decor, and anything special to your wedding. Followed, by the grand entrance, speeches, and all formal dances.